When You “Just Can’t!!”

So a few weeks ago I cleaned my entire house from top to bottom and went to bed exhausted but feeling GREAT about it. The next morning I woke up and started my normal routine. After a 5 minute struggle with my toddler to brush her teeth, she ran off to go play in her room. Seconds later she says, “Mommy! Poopies!” Answering her from my room, I  say, “You need to poopy?”. She responds, “No, POOPIES!” So I walk to her room to find that our dog took a massive POOp in the middle of her room!!!  My meltdown meter went to 1000, and I texted my husband to please put the dog up for adoption immediately because…”I JUST CAN’T!!” That day I needed a bailout from life, and I got it. I called my next door neighbor to vent about the madness and she came over and offered to watch my daughter for a few hours so I could get out of the house and decompress. We didn’t give the dog up for adoption and it was a shitty day, but who hasn’t has a “Marley & Me” moment.  What do you do when you “just can’t”?


2 thoughts on “When You “Just Can’t!!”

  1. I don’t! When I was younger, I was something like a super woman. As I got older and even closer to the “old people” in my family and circle, I have accepted what I have always known. You only prove things to yourself. So when the going gets rough, now I laugh, loudly; I say NO and am usually ok with that; and when all else fails I buy myself something, anything. Popcorn, a burger, shoes, whatever, and then I laugh some more. All that to say, be sure there are good people around you (like your neighbor). Then crap is just crap.

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