Sex Detector

So my toddler’s new super human power is sex detection!!! LOL. The child has a built-in sensor that goes off anytime we are about the start or finish.  We have mastered the art of quickies! How do you find the time around the kids?


2 thoughts on “Sex Detector

  1. Sometimes I think it’s hard to get ‘alone time’ with my husband now! What are your tips for making sure to get grown up time in- before the kids show up?! (because after we have them- it’s clear that we’ll have to get creative!) Great post!

    • Right now you both are in a good place to get all the uninterrupted “grown up” time in. Be sure to communicate about sex both in an outside of the bedroom because communication is key with or without the kids. Always remember that you are in it together and having sex like a Ninja or teenager is an art.

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