Keep It Simple Stupid

A lesson in keeping it simple with your kids. With the weather being cold and wet for the past few days my toddler and I have been home and bored.  So I decided to bake cupcakes with her. I gathered up all the ingredients and told myself not to worry about the mess or the cleanup and just make it fun for her.  So she broke an egg, mixed the batter with the hand mixer, stuck her finger in the batter and then in her mouth, filled the cupcake pan, and watched them bake. Then we frosted them together and ate two.  So what did I learn from this baking adventure; Keep it Simple Stupid!!! You can do simple things with your kids and turn it into an opportunity to learn, teach, play, and bond. So find your SIMPLE! 

Disclaimer: “This post was written by a non-baker with a box cake mix” LOL!


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