Poop Tales (The Untold Stories)

I remember the voice of my birthing instructor saying, “If you are uncomfortable talking about poop now, you wont be for long!” So here is my most shameful and OH so disgusting story about poop.  By daughter was 18 months old at the time and we had just checked into a hotel after a long flight from the east coast to the west coast.  Naturally, after dropping my bags I decided to change her pamper as she was running around the hotel room after being trapped on a plan for so long.  I took off her pamper and walked from the hall to the bathroom to toss the pamper which was 3 feet away and must have taken about 5/10 seconds.  By the time I had walked back to her she had taken a POOP in front of the door in the hotel room. I was shocked, embarrassed, grossed out, and thinking WTFFFFFF!!!! So I ran back into the bathroom to go get some tissue to pick the Shit up of the floor and what does my daughter do in that flash second??????? The unspeakable….can’t believe I am about the say this…..Yes, yes she stuck her finger in it and put it in her mouth!!! Double the disgust.  All I can remember thinking was WTF kinda SHIT is this!!!!  Then yelling, “NOOOOO!!” I grabbed my nasty baby and washed her mouth and hands with toothpaste and soap. After I cleaned her up and slapped another pamper back on her butt, I remember feeling defeated and thinking I was a terrible parent because my baby ate shit! 😦 LOL 

Really, the absolute truth is SHIT happens to ALL parents!!! So share your Poop Tales and let’s laugh about it.


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