Diversity in Education and Communities

We are hoping to move this year and have been looking at homes in communities that offer the best quality public education in our area, and we have narrowed it down to two counties. However, when we compare the home prices, taxes, and land size of these two areas there is a substantial difference in cost.  So we have decided to go with the area that is less costly. It will meet our housing needs and provide the quality school system and education we want our child to receive.  However, the more costly community offers more diversity in their racial demographics when compared to the area where we are looking for a home.  We even compared all the statistical data for each schools using http://www.schooldigger.com.  Then we scheduled a visit to the elementary school in the neighborhood we want to buy in. Met with the VP who gave us an amazing tour of the school and explained all the programs and resources the school has to off.  It was OUTSTANDING!!! So what is the problem? 95% of the student body at the elementary looked the same. So chances are my daughter may be the only child in many of her classes that looks like her, and this is also the type of community where there is one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. So, she will probably travel with these children for her entire school years. We do not live in the 50’s, but I am concerned if the lack of diversity will mean a lack of identity for my daughter.  Is diversity in education and community a relevant factor for you?


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