College, Mental Health and Disability Services

The college years for many students is an exciting and stressful time.  Many students do not realize in the excitement of going to college, leaving home, and being away from their parent/s can bring out both thoughts and feelings that they never had before or have always had, but have now intensified to an unhealthy state. Some students may be attending college with a mental health illness or disability and for various reasons have chosen not to self disclose with their college or university as needing services.  Some may be seeking to shed or hide the labels that have followed them through high school and start a “normal” and new life in college. Others may be feeling that they are well and can cope. However, when the feelings of hopelessness, depression, suicidal thoughts, violence, and anxiety arise do these students know where to turn on campus for support? Is this information visible and easily available on their website, included in printed material, and advertised through out the campus? Have you ever talked with your child about mental health and disability services on campus and do you encourage them to seek help?

Student Mental Health and the Law:

College Student Mental Health Survey Report:


2 thoughts on “College, Mental Health and Disability Services

  1. I’m not sure if there is a disparity between private and public colleges (since mental health programs are usually the first to get the budget axe!)- but my college proudly had a full psychiatry facility- free of charge- with a 24 hr on call therapist. Definitely necessary when you go to one of the most challenging schools in the nation. Many students ‘cracked’ under the pressure! Great post!

    • Excellent point Nicole, but I also attended a private college that had a fully staffed Counseling Center that was also open 24hr and was free to students. However, it was not well advertised. Meaning, the university could have done a better job making students aware of the counseling center as a resource for help just like they do with telling you where the library, computer lab, or writing center is and what services they provide.

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