Poop Tales #2 (The Untold Stories)

I finished giving my daughter a bath, but I realized that I had forgotten to get her a towel. So I walked over to her room to grab her a towel and she yells out, “Mommy Poopy!” I was excited, because I thought she was telling me that she wanted to poopy (on the potty of course). I walked back to the bathroom and asked her (in my excited voice), “Do you want to poopy in the potty?” She replies, “NO!” Then, pointing to the floor of the bathtub she says again, “Mommy, Poopy!” All I remember thinking was…No!. Yup, she crapped in the tub. I politely picked up the poop and put it in the toilet (made her flush it away), and reminded her that we poopy in the potty, not the tub. Then I spent the next 15 minute with my BFF Mr. Bleach while laughing to myself and thinking…So this is the shit parents have to put up with!


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