Child Poor or Fiscally Responsible

Being “Child Poor” is crippling to your finances and a silent reality for a lot of parents. As my daughter approaches her 3rd birthday everyone has started asking us when are we going to start working on baby number two? Usually my response is we are done having kids for now. Then with disappointment in their voice, the next question is WHY??? I explain that we would love to have more kids, but it would just be a financial stretch at this point. That explanation usually prompts one of two responses: 1) It is easier with two kids or 2) Don’t let your daughter grow up alone. The idea of money being a determining factor whether or not to extend my family seems so irrelevant to some of our friends and family. Of course we have all heard people say, “If you wait to have enough money to have kids, you will never have them!” While that may be true (to a point) I do believe that we are being “fiscally responsible” to ourselves and to our daughter by weighing the financial cost of having another child. While the love and time you get to spend with your kids are priceless, there is a financial cost associated with each knew addition to the family. Mainly, we have to put my daughter through college and doing that for more than one child would be costly. Not to mention (before college) all the normal everyday things that families need or want to do, that quiet frankly, you need money for: daycare, summer camp, after school activities, family vacations, savings, etc., Needless to say, I believe in family planning, and apart of that planning involves understanding how having another child will affect you financially (in the short and long-term). There are many families struggling in today’s economy to maintain some sense of financial security. We choose not to have anymore children in order to maintain financial balance and provide the one child we can afford the best of what we can offer. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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6 thoughts on “Child Poor or Fiscally Responsible

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