Are the Kids Wrecking Your Things?

Has that moment hit you yet? You know, the one where you realized you no longer own a single nice thing, and you know you probably won’t for a long long while. Ha ha fool, yet another thing your friends with kids neglected to tell you. While they were busy selling you on how WONDERFUL kids are and how fulfilling being a parent is they left out the part where having kids = they wreck your shit! Gone are the days of clean cars, fingerprint free TV screens, a clean house, unbroken sunglasses, pee free 500 thread count sheets, a stain free sofa, earrings that stay put, makeup that doesn’t have a chunk of it missing because they think it is finger paint, clothing that does not have grease spots, laundry that stays folded, a dog that is trained not to beg (ruined because she feeds it anything), flowers that bloom (she picks them all), dirty carpet because we always need more sand in the house, dirty walls because wiping then on the walls is art, squeezing toothpaste all over the bathroom sink because it cleans better than…, taking my iPad and telling me it is hers, and remote controls that stay put and the back isn’t missing.

We have all lost and mourned something. What was that one thing you held dear to you that your child manage to wrecked?


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