KISS: A Simple Craft You Can Do With Your Toddler

Supplies: Paper, glue, scissor, crayons/chalk, magazines/flyers,and fun

Skills: motor skills, shape recognition, cognitive skills, following instructions, decision-making, independence, and self-esteem.

Basically I gathered a bunch of flyers from my free Thursday paper and my toddler and I cut out pictures of objects and things that she recognized or likes.
Before she started drawing, I drew some shapes on her paper: square, trapezoid, a cloud, and triangle.
Next, I gave her the crayons and we drew anything she wanted on her paper. This is where you can praise and encourage them for their creativity and feed their active imagination by asking them what they are drawing.
Lastly, I gave her the glue and gave her four simple instructions. I asked her to glue some of her pictures in a specific shape. For example, “Put the picture of the pizza in the trapezoid.” This is where the following instructions, shape recognition, etc., comes in.
Once the craft is complete, I praised her for a job well done and then asked her where she wanted to have it displayed; the fridge or outside her bedroom door? Putting her work on display builds self-esteem.



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