14 Things Fathers Should Know About Their Daughters

14 Things Fathers Should Know…

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What Fathers Should Know About Their Daughtersfather and daughter

Babies come from their mother’s wombs and have that special bond with mom’s that they will have throughout their entire lives. It is imperative though that the relationships that these babies have with their daddies as they are growing up are healthy and strong. Little girls learn so much from their daddies that will impact the rest of their lives and future relationships with other men and even their own sons. Do not be mistaken men, what you say and do not say will have years of impact, so choose your words and actions well when dealing with your daughters. Do not downplay the importance of your role in your little girl’s life; she needs you! Here are some things that fathers should know about their little girls:

  1. They learn how they should be treated by how you treat their mom, whether you…

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